Certification by Waiver of Previous Experience Information

The NMLEA Certification by Waiver course is a two part application process.

If you are in the background phase of employment with APD and qualify for the certification by waiver course , it is highly recommended that you begin the Part I application process for admission into the NMLEA. Completing this step while you are in the background phase, will help us speed up the academy application process up by having it submitted to the academy prior to beginning employment with us.

Should you become employed with us, we will begin Part II of the application.  

Certification by waiver requirements are listed below.

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Certification by Waiver requirements               ELIGIBILITY OF OUT-OF-STATE POLICE OFFICER APPLICANTS:

                A.            In the event a certified officer from another state or duly commissioned officer from a federal agency makes application for certification in the state of New Mexico, they must meet all qualifications and requirements as determined by the                                       director.

                B.            Any applicant who has not been employed as a full-time law enforcement officer for a period in excess of eight years must attend the basic police officer training program to become certified.

                C.            Any applicant who has successfully completed an accredited law enforcement academy from another state, but has never been certified, must secure a law enforcement position with a recognized New Mexico law enforcement agency within three years of academy completion and must meet all other qualifications and requirements as determined by the director to be eligible for certification by waiver.             ELIGIBILITY OF RETIREES:  In the event a retired certified officer who has appropriately separated from law enforcement service makes application to obtain or regain New Mexico certification by waiver of basic training, such applicants shall satisfy the following requirements.

                A.            Applicant must have graduated from a certified law enforcement academy that was comparable to or exceeded the standards of the programs of the New Mexico academy.

                B.            Separation must be under honorable conditions.

                C.            Complete all other conditions required under the current certification by waiver of basic training, except for the physical     fitness and agility requirements.

                D.            Complete any other requirements imposed on applicant by sponsoring agency.             REQUIREMENTS FOR ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY POLICE APPLICANTS:

                A.            Qualifying military police must have successfully completed a basic military police course and completed a four-year enlistment as a military police officer in the U.S. army, U.S. marine corps, U.S. air force, or U.S. navy.  Persons serving in the U.S. coast guard and department of defense police do not meet occupational requirements.

                B.            Individuals meeting the aforementioned qualifications must have successfully completed basic military training from one of the following military police courses for the military branch they served:

                                (1)           U.S. army after 9/1/2003;

                                (2)           U.S. marine corps after 9/1/2003;

                                (3)           U.S. air force after 9/1/2005; or

                                (4)           U.S. navy after 9/1/2005.

                C.            Military occupational specialties or air force career classifications considered are:

                                (1)           U.S. army 95B, or 31B;

                                (2)           U.S. marine corps 5811;

                                (3)           U.S. air force 3PO51, or 3PO91; or

                                (4)           U.S. navy master at arms, or navy enlisted classification (NEC) 9545 (completed NAVEDTRA 14137).

                D.            Individuals serving in the armed forces who have completed a basic military police course prior to the above dates, but had continuous military service in an approved military occupation specialty or air force career (MOS/AFC) since completion of the military basic course, along with continuing educational courses may be considered.  Applicants meeting this criterion will be required to complete part I and part 2 packets as listed in Section 29-7-6 NMSA 1978, qualifications for certification, listing all schools and training to the New Mexico law enforcement academy (NMLEA) director for consideration.

                E.            All of the aforementioned military police applicants must attend the 80 hour certification by waiver training course and successfully pass the LEOCE with a score of seventy percent or better.

                F.            Applicants currently on active duty status must also submit a notarized letter from their current command attesting to their current status, records of any disciplinary actions, and a statement attesting the applicant is eligible for a general/honorable discharge.

                G.            Members who have only served in the national guard or reserves are not eligible for the certification by waiver program.

See full statutes here: Section 10 Chapter 29 Part 6 NMSA