Online Incident Reporting

Online reporting is for Non-Emergency crime reporting. If you have an emergency dial 911.

If you answer "Yes" to any of the questions below, do not use this online reporting system.

  • Is this an emergency?
  • Did the incident happen outside of the Alamogordo Police Department Jurisdiction?
  • Is the crime actively happening?
  • Is the suspect on the scene?

Answered Yes? Dial 911 or call 575-439-4300 option 1

QuickConnect phone number: 1-833-537-1860 

Call this phone number to receive a text link to online reporting.

Use this online form for the following incidents

Note: To report the crime to the Alamogordo Police Department, the crime must have happened in Alamogordo.  Some reports may require you to have your original report, or case number available.

Call 911 for Police Emergency Response

  • Crimes in progress
  • Immediate medical assistance
  • To report a fire
  • To report a downed electrical wire or lighting pole fire
  • To report illegal dumping in progress
  • To report a suspected hazardous material spill
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